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What to Expect when Visiting Us…

Welcome to Alpacas at Marquam Hill Ranch. We breed, raise, show and sell alpacas. We have close to 80 alpacas out in pastures or inside the barn. We have alpacas for sale from National Champions to gelded fiber males and in between. As a working alpaca ranch, everything we do and the rules around the ranch are related to the safety and protection of the alpacas. We love talking about alpaca ownership, showing them and our alpaca livestock lifestyle. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We offer bags of grain for $5, where you can feed the alpacas at their gate or fence lines. Alpacas are a prey animal and therefore a “petting zoo experience” would not be fun for you. Spit can happen! We offer our “Intensive Tour” as well. It is an primarily educational, hands on and feeding tour by advanced reservation only. These tours are $19/person. We limit the size of the tour to approximately 8 guests which gives us the chance to work with each participant. We are a quiet and peaceful environment. We have a guard dog and a llama to help protect our herd. Visitors with dogs will need to keep their pet(s) in their car. Domesticated dogs are the number one predator to alpacas. Alpaca babies or crias are normally born during the spring and summer.

We also have pigs … each year, during May – Dec, we toss treats like pumpkins or other vegetables over our pigpen fencing as a treat! Something different to do…watching pigs in action! We also raise grass feed beef and honey bees on the ranch. We have a gift shop where you can treat yourself or someone special to an alpaca product. We have rugs, yarn, clothing and dryer balls made locally from our alpacas fiber. Bill travels to Peru to work with artisans and manufacturers to create and buy directly from them. We offer all price points and qualities with our gloves, scarves, hats, sweaters, coats, socks, ponchos, shawls. We also have guilt free fur products: skins, hats, slippers and teddy bears. Pack a picnic and enjoy our peace and quiet under a tree or at our picnic table.

We look forward to introducing you to our alpacas and the ranch! If you have questions about your visit, please call Jennifer at 503-407-3699.