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MHR Baby Alpaca 20% Tencel-White : 200 yds

MHR Baby Alpaca 20% Tencel-White : 200 yds

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Discover our 2 ply lightweight MHR Baby Alpaca yarn, a special blend of 80% alpaca and 20% Tencel. Our white huacaya alpacas give it a luxurious foundation. Our alpaca fibers are not dyed, merely blended with the eco-friendly Tencel, made of eucalyptus wood, during the carding process. This yarn delivers on all fronts - hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, insulating, anti-bacterial, and softness beyond compare. Treat yourself to this extraordinary yarn! It's lighter weight than our other Tencel yarn, and all the more special!

MHR Baby Alpaca  20% Tencel-White : 200 yds


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